Thursday, June 1, 2017

Irresistible women mules

All the ladies who like to wear mules sandals know how much the absolute precision required to produce these shoes. Everyone, even the slightest deviation will make these sandals uncomfortable.
To create them, most of the fashion designers used the combination of natural leather and wood that our feet like, and design models are decorated with denim, lace, and rhinestone.

Footwear for city girls

High heel mules are recognized as footwear for city girls and known as the representative of "street wear" style. Among eccentric clubber girls, the popular are models of bright colors. The old rule about matching shades of shoes and bags is considered outdated. If you want to be trendy it is necessary to match slight details. Tryto match the color of heel with the color of the handle of the bag for a refined and sophisticated look, or to synchronize the bag with some effective mule's detail in an attempt to look irresistibly and modern.

For this season, designers recommend women mules made of walnut wood with high heels and a strap. The optimum suggested the combination for going out is short denim jacket, fluffy short dress, high heel mules and effective letter bag and of course a lot of jewelry.

Lovely shoes for all generations

Mules for women are a favorite among women of all ages, although older ladies opt for models of moderate color, nude, black or brown because they provide them an elegant and sophisticated look. Of course, their heels are slightly lower, but women who had worn high heels all their life, do not give up this habit later in life.

It is believed that the hand-mademules for women are the most quality, andan exceptional jewel among them are those with the bells that are ringing at every step. If you want to highlight such original footwear you need to wear them in some relatively quiet places, so going to the night club is out of the question.

In addition, women mulesshould not wear as job footwear, because they seem completely inappropriate and too revealing foot.
Since wearing them have gotten something of a bohemian charm and freedoms of the '70s, when you combine them with long maxi dresses with geometric patterns and oversized jewelry you will surely be noticed.

As for the everyday circumstances in which it is possible and desirable to wear mules that are mostly lunch with friends or going to a cafe with friends, less formal  gatherings that do not involve a lot of walking, standing even dancing. In this mules, you will look chic and sophisticated, and many men find playing  with the footwear very attractive. How slippers have a "habit" to glide from the feet while the legs are crossed, it is certain that at some point you will catch yourself how playing with sandals at the top of the toes to the rhythm of light music coming from the radio.

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