Friday, June 9, 2017

Ironmaster Leg Extension Curl attachment

Gym Lovers Love This Bench Do You Know Why?  It is one of the great benches on the market you cannot but love because it provides you lot of features for your workout at home.

You can adjust the bench into flat, incline, decline and upright positions with 11 lock out angels starting from 0 to 85 degrees.
It is structured with a variety of compatibles attachments like dumbbells, barbells and weight trainer cage.
The frame is constructed out of 11 and 12 gauge steel and weight capacity all the way 200+ lbs. The bench is not only strong but also light weight at 60 lbs.
It is not difficult to install the bench at your home. The bench carries a swivel feature with innovative technology.
Really this bench is sturdy, comfortable padded and well- built.  The main complaint against the machine is a bit too high and if you are short your feet may not touch the floor.

You cannot but buy the attachments to have a complete use of super bench.

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